Пожертвования на празднование 50-летия НГУ
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Автор:  Shemyakin [ Пт апр 10, 2009 3:31 am ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Пожертвования на празднование 50-летия НГУ

Владимир Шильцев (ФФ-88) послал письмо с призывом пожертвовать на празднование 50-летия НГУ:

Dear NSU alumni,

The University is approaching its 50-th anniversary which will be celebrated on September 21-26, 2009. Information about that can be found at
An organizing committee of the event requests donations which will be used to support
a number of the preparatory actions outlined at
The money can be transferred through organization "Friends of Novosibirsk State University". Few 100's of USD could be of a great help for the organizing committee, though any sum will be very welcome. You can find more about the "Friends of NSU" at
- together with the means of donation (e.g. the easiest one - PayPal) at the
http://www.friendsofthensu.org/2005/03/ ... ation.html
(just mention - "For the NSU 50th anniversary celebration OC").
I urge you to donate and (important!) to pass this message to *any other NSU alumni you know. *

Sincerely yours, Vladimir Shiltsev, NSU graduate of 1988

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